Inspiring confidence: In conversation with Brigette Romanek.

Welcome to our Inspiring Confidence series, where we delve into personal interviews with influential Varley women. By focusing on instilling quiet confidence, we uncover their unique journeys, experiences, and insights, celebrating the remarkable perspectives of women who inspire us.






We had the opportunity to catch up with renowned interior designer, Brigette Romanek, on her remarkable career and how to create an inspiring interior that’s all about making you feel at home.



Q: How did you enter the world of interior design?

Organically, by friends asking for help with their homes after seeing my own house that I had designed. It started with one friend and then grew. I’m very, very grateful.




Q: Where do you find your creative inspiration?

EVERYWHERE!! I know a lot of designers say that, but it’s really true. Colors, shapes, the type of light in a room, fabrics, what someone is wearing, the outdoors - it’s all inspiration if you look at it through that lens which as designers, we do.









Q: What are the key elements for crafting a confident and elevated personal space?

First, and most important, figure out what’s important to you regarding the space, and how you want the space to feel and function. From there, start breaking it all down. Do you want the space to feel peaceful and calming? What colors represent that to you? If that is creams, golds and tans for example, now you know your color palette. Keep along those lines and you’ll end up with all things you love and a space you feel great about. If something doesn’t feel right, remove it. Trust the process.



Q: How do personalized interiors enhance someone's confidence?

Your home is supposed to support you and be a love letter to YOU. If you look at it that way, and you’re surrounded by things you love, items that bring joy, good thoughts and feelings, your home will be a space that brings you confidence.








Q: How do you ensure clients feel confident during their interiors journey?

By helping them to see that their needs and wants matter and should be met when the process is done. And done in the most beautiful way!




Q: Can you share some career highlights?

That’s hard to answer because I really feel that each job is something new and important and each job is going to teach me something worth learning. Having said that, working with Gwyneth, AP House LA, a new hotel I’m beginning in Koreatown - I could name so many.



Q: Does your interior design style align with your wardrobe?

I would say yes, classic with a bit of whimsy. Lux with comfort. And great textures and fabrics.








Q: What are your wardrobe essentials?

Cosy clothing that’s still got a design intention and direction. That’s where Varley comes in! It’s comfortable and classic. Timeless, stylish, and each piece of theirs I own, I wear differently depending on the mood I’m in. The pieces are great for my workday because I want to feel confident, styled, and know I’m giving off a certain vibe.




Can you give us your top five LA hangouts/hideaways where you feel at your most confident?


Birds street

Dinner at the Chateau Marmont

San Vincente Bungalows

Malibu colony

Malibu creek trail




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