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A Day At Home With Emma Thatcher

1. Introduce yourself: your name, where you're based.

I’m Emma, a Fashion Stylist and blogger over at


2. How are you coping with staying at home?

Ok so far, I’m used to working from home but usually mix up my week with meetings/appointments in London so I get the best of both- no makeup and loungewear days but then a chance to get dressed up and do my hair/makeup. Cabin fever is now starting to set in- this is my first full week of only leaving the house once a day.


3. What’s your go-to home workout?

My friend has set up an isolation run club- she runs 5k a day and is encouraging us to do the same- we all post our times and running view and discuss how it went. I managed to run my first 5k in years yesterday and felt super proud. I’m getting up every day and doing 5k- sometimes running sometimes a nice long walk. It feels good to get out and move.


4. What are you doing with your kids at home?

My kids are teens so pretty much entertain themselves. Me and my daughter who is 18 and back early from uni have been making the most of the sun and sitting in the garden catching up and reading our books. The boys need some more coaxing off their machines and into the garden so making them go for daily exercise with our dog. We’ve also been baking which I’m useless at but it’s been fun and something I’ve not done for years. We play a lot of UNO- it reminds me off holidays as we always take a pack of cards when we go away.


5. Are you staying healthy or are you opening the wine?

A bit of both- I’ve not got the healthiest of diets, I’m addicted to Diet Coke and Chocolate but with my husband at home he’s been taking over the cooking so my meals have become a lot more nutritious- we have a few bottles of Lady A Rose that will be getting drunk this weekend.


6. What are you struggling with at the moment, in this hard time?

I’m loving being with my family but with them being teenagers and used to being independent and being with their friends a lot it has been hard at times too. If it gets too much I just try and find a quiet space to work or get outside and listen to a podcast. I have to say the weather being so nice has helped lift my spirits. I’m trying to limit my news intake to once a day or I can get a bit consumed and my anxiety goes into overdrive. There’s so much uncertainty about health, business, financial security but I think all we can do right now is stay home and think positive.


7. What are you doing with your skincare routine this week?

I’m using a few masks which I don’t usually make time for. I’ve been putting on a little make-up on every day too, Trinny London’s BFF cream is amazing, SPF 30 and evens out my skin tone. Erborian products are great too as they combine make-up and skincare. I love glossier Lash Slick for a subtle bit of mascara and Beauty Pie lip balm.


8. What are you reading at the moment?

Marian Keys Grown Up’s. The perfect author to get me through the days at the moment- nothing to heavy.


9. How are you balancing work, kids & home life?

I’ve never really got the balance right to be honest and even though I usually work from home I’m not very good at it! I’m trying to not put too much pressure on myself- I do what I need to do. It’s a funny time to be creating content about Fashion during times like this but from the feedback I’ve been getting it seems people are glad for the distraction which is encouraging as somedays I second guess myself. I’m trying to support smaller business where I can and also share any charities that I can. I’m mixing up my day and it seems to be working ok so far.


10. Are you stressed and how are you coping with your mental health?

I’m not stressed because I’m with my family and I'm safe- we have food and all the essentials and are all in good health. I’m so grateful to anyone who is still out there working and keeping the country moving and risking their health to allow so many of us to stay home. I’m thinking positive as you can’t change the situation. I’m using House Party a lot to stay connected to my friends and family who are in lock-down in Spain and Ibiza. I’ll be appreciating the things I took for granted once we get back to normal life.


11. Any food or tinctures you’re taking or making?

My husband is in charge of breakfast, lunch and dinner and I’m loving it. I baked banana bread which turned out ok!


12. What TV shows & movies have you been watching?

Just finished Tiger King which was madness! I’ve started to watch True Detective and also looking forward to watching Little Fires Everywhere this weekend with Libby. I can recommend Cheer to lift your spirits too.


13.Outfits?!?! Are you dressing up or dressing down??

A lot of Varley! It’s been perfect for my daily exercise and comfy enough to lounge in too. Usually relaxed but I do get dressed up a few times a week to create a bit of content. I’m still trying to post outfit ideas for people to save on Instagram for once we can go back into the real world but the joggers go back on once I’ve got the pic!

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