Behind the concept: Chelsea in Bloom.

Chelsea in Bloom has arrived at the Varley King’s Road store, marking our first participation in this historic event since the opening of our flagship store on the iconic King’s Road last August.

Each year in May, Chelsea in Bloom transforms the streets of Chelsea into a floral spectacle with displays made entirely of fresh flowers. This annual event, produced by Cadogan in association with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), continues to grow in popularity and scale. The competition sees Chelsea’s finest retailers, restaurants, and hotels adorned with innovative floral designs, all vying for coveted awards.

What is this year’s theme?

For 2024, the theme of Chelsea in Bloom is ‘Floral Feasts’. This theme celebrates two of Chelsea’s most celebrated aspects: its rich botanical heritage and its vibrant culinary scene.

Varley in bloom.

We’ve teamed up with FLOWERBX for our take on this year’s culinary-inspired theme, transforming our storefront into a captivating homage to a traditional fruit market stall. With carefully crafted floral arrangements resembling fresh fruits and vegetables, we've created a vibrant display that captures the rustic charm of an English market while reflecting our unique brand identity.

The design incorporates wooden crates and baskets to display the floral arrangements, mimicking the setup of a real market stall, along with green fake turf to enhance the authentic feel. Signage resembles hand-written fruit market signs, with labels for each floral "produce" and a subtle incorporation of the Varley logo and branding. Green striped have been added to the store front awnings to complete the display and bring it to life.

The installation is a harmonious blend of creativity and craftsmanship, with each floral element carefully chosen by FLOWERBX to embody the essence of fresh produce. The vibrant colors and intricate details of the arrangements not only highlight the beauty of the flowers but also bring to life the bustling atmosphere of a traditional market.

“The best partnerships are always authentic ones with brands that share the same values and vision, and this collaboration with Varley was a dream. Lara had such a clear concept and point of view on what her “Varley Floral Feast” should look like, that it was easy to translate her vision with the freshest seasonal blooms whilst adhering to both of our brands’ elegant, luxurious, and pared back aesthetic.”

- Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, CEO and Founder of FLOWERBX