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We caught up with LA-based Barry’s Bootcamp trainer Allie Cohen to talk about her fitness journey, inspiration and why cake is better than kale.

How did you start training?

Before becoming a certified trainer, I was a professional dancer so the transition was a very natural move. I started teaching dance workout class on the weekends and it was word of mouth only. One of my clients was getting ready to film a new TV show and asked if I would train her at her house to get her ready for the role. Everything took off from there.

How did you join Barry’s? 

I was a client for a few years. Once the owner heard I had been training we talked about putting me on the schedule. The rest is history!

What is in your gym bag?

I keep headphones, a pair of socks, a sports bra, makeup wipes, Chapstick, deodorant, hair ties, a Vega Sport protein bar, and an extra phone charger so that I always have music in case my phone battery is about to die.

Is there any particular fitness or food trend you are into at the moment?

I really love acai bowls. They are really popular in LA right now and I have gotten to know the best ones. Right now my favourite place to go is a place called Backyard Bowls.

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Who inspires you?

My clients. I truly have some of the most hard working and dedicated clients who inspire me every single day with their work ethic, their energy and passion.

What does a typical weekend look like?

I teach a few clients over the weekend. Usually spending my nights having dinner and watching a movie with close friends. Sundays are reserved for the farmers market. Oh and laundry, lots of laundry. Working out multiple times a day can create a lot of that!

Cake or Kale?

CAKE! Yellow cake with chocolate frosting, Red Velvet, and Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting- in no particular order. You have to live and enjoy the sweet things - indulge but in moderation.

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