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“I love living in LA – the weather’s amazing,
and the city is very motivating.
People all around are following their dreams
–which leads to a very creative atmosphere.” 

UK-Born fashion journalist, TV host and healthy lifestyle enthusiast Louise Roe has worked with fashion publications such as, Elle Uk and In Style UK. After a successful book release, she has been focusing on blogging, inspiring followers with style ideas and travelling the world as well as running columns in CosmoGirl NL and People Stylewatch.

What does a day for Louise look like? “I’m definitely a morning person.  I love waking up early - getting my day started while it’s still quiet outside”. First thing after the alarm goes off – a rejuvenating fruit smoothie followed by a peaceful sunrise watching over the city”.

“Mornings are busy – London is already finished with their work day, New York is a few hours ahead too - so my inbox is full and the phone is exploding!” She checks in with people and catches up on projects around the globe. Though Louise has to live on multiple time schedules, her everyday life is spinning around Los Angeles.

Emails – check, phone calls – check! Louise throws a look together with matching jewelry and shoes, jumps into the car and heads Downtown right in time for meetings with PR, fashion brands and producers.

Meetings? Check! A year ago, Louise turned to blogging. Front Roe, that was launched a year ago, serves as a platform for daily style tips and fashion inspiration. “I started my blog Front Roe because I missed working at magazines. I feel very lucky that I get to have so much fun doing this job – doing photo shoots and sharing my style”.

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An active lifestyle and nutritious food are essentials. Hiking, boxing or spinning – everyday Louise tries to dedicate some time to exercising.  On the other hand, life is all about balance. “At the end of the day, it’s good to indulge sometimes  - for example, with home-made ice cream”.

This collaboration with Louise is the first part of an upcoming series focusing on British Fashion and lifestyle influentials living on the West Coast.

Stay tuned for more…